Window Tinting For Helicopters: What Are The Advantages?

You’ve undoubtedly seen some vehicles on the road that appear to have tinted windows, and you can see how sleek and professional they look. Unfortunately, many people equate window tinting with vehicles only and forget the importance that this application of film can have on aircraft. Helicopter window tinting is slowly becoming more and more popular, offering pilots a safer way to fly against the glare of the sun. Of course, as with any investment, it’s important to know the advantages.

Enhanced Protection Against UVA And UVB Rays

Constant exposure to the sun’s harmful UVA rays not only puts pilots and passengers at risk for skin cancer, but it can also damage organic materials it comes into contact with. Standard transparencies manufactured from plastic can easily block all UVB rays, but only about 80% of UVA rays are filtered. Almost all UVA rays are blocked if proper aircraft window tinting films are applied to windows, meaning that over 99% of UVA rays are safely blocked.

High altitude UVA UVB rays helicopter

When flying at high altitudes, people are more exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. For every 1,000 feet, the strength of UV rays will increase by as much as 5%. Meanwhile, basic plastic window films provide adequate protection when flying at sea level, but at higher altitudes, people can be greatly at risk for UV radiation if careful steps aren’t taken to prevent this.

Increase Lifespan Of Organic Materials

When the interior of a helicopter is exposed for long periods to UV radiation, it can start to discolor and break down the inside of the aircraft. Meanwhile, this change isn’t something that takes place overnight; intense heat can damage so-called organic materials. By applying the right aircraft window tint to your helicopter, you can increase the life expectancy of the interior. Additionally, you have to consider that window tinting also helps keep the temperature cooler inside of your aircraft.

Heat Reduction Through Tinting

Small helicopters are significantly at risk for severe heat buildup when not in flight. Leaving your aircraft outdoors without any protection not only helps deteriorate the interior, but it can cause the temperatures to become unbearable. Fortunately, proper window tinting can contribute to reducing the amount of heat from sunlight that your helicopter will pick up.

Privacy Through Tinting

Much like with vehicles, window tinting can help you increase the amount of privacy within your aircraft. If you help chauffeur prominent business people, celebrities or people looking to remain anonymous, window tinting offers just the amount of privacy that you seek. Keep in mind, depending on the window tints you choose how much of the interior is visible can often change.

Some may see window tinting as an unnecessary expense, but they couldn’t be more wrong! If your helicopter doesn’t shield you adequately from the sun, it could all take a toll on your health. Additionally, you can’t ignore that tinted windows help promote a sense of privacy and keep interiors safe.

Window tinting helicopter.

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