Some of the Various Types of Security Fasteners

Security fasteners are any type of fastener that is usually in the form of a screw that is close to impossible to remove except with a special removing driver. The security fasteners come in different sizes, models, shapes and finishes to cater for every kind of job.

There are various reasons a person would require a security fastener, especially on a helicopter. Foremost is the need to prevent tampering or removal of installations or panels, thus, obviating grave consequences as security screws are difficult to remove. Some of the scenarios where a security fastener is applicable include heavy machinery, aerospace or automotive applications, medical devices, street signs and a slew of other important permanent safety signs, panels that guard important or confidential materials and electrical installations that are not designed to be removed.

As earlier said, there is a vast array of different security fasteners, each suited for a particular or a range of special purposes. Below are some of the popular security fasteners.

Security Torx

A security Torx screw has a six-pointed star-shaped screw head with a pin in the middle. It is designed to be used in many digital objects or installations to prevent tampering or unwelcome removal. Some of the places they are used include motorcycles, automobiles, bicycle brake systems, computer systems, consumer electronics and hard disk drives. These security fasteners are also becoming more popular in the construction industry.

The Torx head security fasteners are famed for their ability to resist cam-out better than slot head or Philips head screws. While Philips heads are designed to ease the driver’s cam-out so as to prevent overtightening, the Torx heads are suited to prevent cam-out.

Socket Pin-Head

The socket pin-head features high degree tamper-resistance which offers positive engaging, high torque transmission at the same resisting cam-out and tool wear. It comes with a Button & Flat-Head design. To install or remove, you will need a matching driver.

Picture of different security fasteners

Some various security screws

Breakaway Hex Nut

The hex nut breaks away whenever the nut is tightened, thus, leaving only the conical portion that is tamper-resistant. The breakaway hex nut uses a standard wrench for installation and does not require a special tool.

One-Way Slotted

You can use the standard screwdriver to install this security screw. The reverse side is cammed out to preempt unauthorized removal. The machine and sheet metal fasteners come in oval-head, Truss or Round designs.

Philips Pin-Head

It nowadays features a tamper-resistant pin for improved security. It is easy to install and remove with a matching tool- it cannot be removed with a Philips Screwdriver. The machine and sheet metal screws come in flat or Pan-Head design.

Snakes’ Eyes Spanner

The authentic Snake Eyes Spanner needs matching driver bit thus reducing the chances of unwarranted removal. It is available in 18-8 stainless steel. Some of the machine screws are available in brass.


The TP3’s triangular recessed drive grants three times the security of ordinary sheet metal screws. It is one of the most reliable security fasteners.


Tri-Wing tamper-resistant screws are popular when it comes to high-volume assembly operations. The machine and sheet metal screws come in a Pan-Head design or OpsitTM reverse thread.